Venum managed to win all matches in group stage of Quake Live iCTF OpenCup Fall 2012! Beginning of rivalisation was hard because of match versus synergy – top clan on instagib, but we have won after three mapped thriller 2:1. Next we had to keep concentrated and focused to make Venum on top after next three games against: myst ( 2:0), 8 ( 2:0) or ev ( 2:0). Match against EverLast possible to watch here

In 1/4 final we are going to play verus conkers, so this is the match we had been waiting for to revenge for last season game.

In Quake Live iFT OpenCup Fall 2012 we have taken 2nd place in group after matches versus: p1zza ( 2:0), syn ( 1:2) and ev ( 2:0). Next match against !CTF in 1/2 final.

Check screens and matches here: